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We are looking forward to your visit at Charleston Woodlands! The following provides information for trail riding at Charleston Woodlands.


All riders are required to sign the following digital Waiver of Liability form before entering the property. Once the form has been signed riders do not need to sign it again. 


Charleston Woodlands is located at  4279 Ashley River Rd. Charleston SC 29414


ENTRY: Rider may access Charleston Woodlands at (8:00am) No riders are allowed to access Charleston Woodlands after dusk. 

GATE ENTRY: You will notice a gate at the entrance. If the gate is locked, enter code 2246. Riders must close and lock the gate behind them. 

PHOTO ID: Riders must have their photo ID on them at all times while at Charleston Woodlands. 


Baily's Field Trail Head: Bailey's Field is the trail head and designated area for horse trailers and RV Camping. It is located on the left just as you enter the property. See Map below for reference. 

Equestrian Trail Map: Riders are able to ride the PURPLE, BLUE & YELLOW TRAILS. This map also allows riders to see where they are on the property from using google maps on a mobile device.  

*Riders are asked to check the map before their rides where they will find trails that are open for riding.

Weather | Condition of Trails

Access to the property and trails are contingent on the conditions of the trails and roads in the property. Riders will be notified via e-mail if roads and trials are not suitable for riding due to inclement weather. Charleston Woodlands reserves the right to close all trails and roads until it is safe to ride and/or will send out a map indicating which roads and trails are accessible. 


The property is located in unincorporated Dorchester County and is under the jurisdiction of the Dorchester County Sheriff’s office and is served by Old Fort Fire Department and Dorchester County EMS. In the event of emergency, dial 911 and tell the operator that you are in Dorchester County in order to have the correct agency dispatched.



We, at Middleton Place and Charleston Woodlands (the “Woodlands”), are pleased to welcome you. We kindly ask that our visitors familiarize themselves and act in accordance with the following rules and policies:


  1. This webpage includes a map of the premises and those areas that are open to the public. Know where you’re permitted to hike, camp or ride and where you’re not. Respect closed areas. Do not trespass any areas outside the marked trails and camping areas.

  2. Respect the beauty of the Woodlands. Help us maintain this beautiful land in pristine condition for generations to come. Absolutely no littering allowed. Make use of trashcans or take with you when you leave any garbage or litter. Do not discard any trash, paper or cigarette butts on the trails or in camping area. If you smoke, return any butts to the proper receptacles. Do not throw anything on the lakes or streams.

  3. Possession/use of illegal drugs is prohibited.

  4. Please, be aware of your surroundings, and of any incoming (non-motor) traffic in the trails.


  1. As required by South Carolina law, all horses and mules must have proof of current, 12 month Negative Coggins test before unloading.

  2. While we make every effort to insure that the trails and facilities are safe, we assume no risk nor liability for injuries resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, “pursuant to Article 7, Chapter 9 or Title 47, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976.”

  3. Horses should not be tied, ridden or exercised where trees, shrubbery, food plots or lawn may be damaged.

  4. Guests are responsible for the removal of all waste created by the animals and uneaten hay to the compost pile or to the appropriate receptacle. This includes, but is not limited to that deposited in stalls, along picket lines, and in camping areas. Please clean up thoroughly before departure.

  5. Respect closed areas.

  6. Be courteous when you pass other trail users. Say hello. Tell people how many are in your party. Pass with care and if you’re uncertain whether you can pass, just ask. 

  7. Let other trail riders known when it is safe to pass your horse. 

  8. Leave gates as you find them. Obey gate closures and regulatory signs. 

  9. Know your horse’s limitations. 

  10. Ride at a safe and controlled speed.

  11. Keep the trailhead and trail clear of manure and trash.


    1. You must camp only in those places specifically provided or marked.

    2. All vehicles, RVs, and trailers must be parked on your campsite or designated parking area. Parking on unoccupied campsites is prohibited.

    3. Campers are allowed either a maximum of one trailer/RV and one tent, or two tents per site.

    4. No more than six persons (or one family) may occupy the same site.

    5. Check-in is at 2 p.m. Check out is at noon.

    6. Quiet times are between 11:00pm and 6:00am. Please be considerate of others.

    7. Camping for longer than 14 consecutive days is not allowed.

    8. Fires are permitted only in designated areas. Please do not attempt to burn trash in fire pits. Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. Do not leave your fire unattended. You are responsible for keeping fires under control.

    9. Use of fireworks or other explosives within campgrounds and other recreation areas is prohibited.

    10. Please keep alcoholic beverages at your campsite, and be respectful of your neighbors and other visitors.