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Charleston Woodlands is a 6,000 acre lowcountry eco-paradise in the heart of Charleston, SC. The property features 11 freshwater lakes, a black water swamp, and over 60 miles of wooded forest trails. Charleston Woodlands has a variety of venues and campgrounds throughout the private nature reserve and hosts public & private events, special groups and provides an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities.






Charleston Woodlands is excited to offer public/private event opportunities and programs providing a unique experience for guests seeking to be immersed in nature while enjoying the convenience of being in Charleston.

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Charleston Woodlands hosts a variety of public events celebrating arts & culture, health & wellness, outdoor recreation, and much more!

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Charleston Woodlands is the perfect venue for weddings, corporate retreats, family reunions, birthday celebrations and more.



Charleston Woodlands is excited to host “Into the Woods”; Charleston Pour House’s inaugural camping festival featuring three days of premium lakeside camping and two nights of music by national and regional touring acts.





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Charleston Woodlands is excited to offer exciting camping opportunities throughout the 6,000 acre private nature reserve. Whether you are looking for nightly camping, hosting a group of friends and family or team building with co-workers, Charleston Woodlands is the perfect place to be immersed in nature. Campers will enjoy miles of trails great for hiking, biking, horseback riding, along with 11 fresh water lakes great for paddle sports, fishing, birdwatching and more.


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Charleston Woodlands offers a unique camping experience featuring our elevated tents set on scenic lakes throughout the private nature reserve.   

Group Camping


Charleston Woodlands is the perfect gathering place for groups. Whether you are a group of 8 or 80 we can accommodate you and offer a variety of scenic campgrounds to choose from.



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